School Management System

Transform your school's management process through our school management system. It is a cloud-based system that eases the management of all the data from student details to exam results and tasks like admission and staff management. It provides a dashboard to access data.

School administration has the responsibility of managing all the affairs, but it's a tedious task and errors are inevitable in handling huge amounts of data. Our school's management system is a boon for the management people, it makes their work hassle-free and enhances work productivity.

We curate management systems that suit the requirements of the institute and then digitize their day-to-day processes. With multiple modules and seamless functioning, and secure operations, we deliver the best solution for school management.

It not only makes the process easy but also saves money by effectively managing the fees and expenses and enabling the management people to track the finances and analyze the expenditures.

Corewave helps schools to simplify administrative processes and leverage their resources by delivering our dynamic school management system. It benefits not only the administration but all the shareholders, like students, teachers, and parents, who can easily access information. It is equipped with advanced features for online payment via multiple modes, automated email and messages, and BI-powered tools.

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Benefits of Corewave’s School management system

Our school management system is advanced multi-capacity software that enables schools and educational institutes to streamline their processes and helps them manage each and every aspect of management. From fee collection to designing curriculum, tracking attendance, and generating payrolls, all can be done easily through our robust school management system. It is packed with features that transform traditional school management functions into a smart and error-free system.

Effective Management

Digitized data management

Easy data analysis 

Student profile tracking

Graphic report generation

Monitor finances

Access data in multiple formats

Track staff activities

Simplify admission process

Improves teaching

AI-assisted lesson plans

Track students performance

Analyze assessments and tests.

Understand learning gaps

Attendance management

Activity records in the classroom

Share educational resources

Go Digital

Online payments gateway

Online receipt generation

Fill Admission form online

Easy access to prospectus and curriculum

Access results 

Convenient eLearning



Just through this single module the administrators can easily manage the central database and control the activities and keep track of every process. This is a major management module that helps in maintaining the finances most efficiently. Also, the managers can track the school inventory and access records of all the items present. Our cloud-based school management system is one of the best software that ensures transparency and accuracy.


This module contains all the information regarding the students making it easy to find all the details in one place. It stores student information, classwise performance details, and attendance all organized into groups and can be fetched with just one click. It has user-based access and is interlinked with other modules so provides hassle-free information.


Our school management system makes fee collection and management easy. This module stores details about fee payments, late fees, fees due, and other related information. The module is integrated with accounting to ensure efficient management of funds. It has automated reminders to send SMS to parents for fee submission and helps schools easily trace defaulters.


This eliminates the need for the old pen and register attendance and enables quick and efficient attendance recording. It helps in digitally storing student attendance and enables easy access and report generation. The management can monitor absentee's records and can receive and approve leaves. Our cloud-based software comes with advanced features and can be integrated with biometric devices too. It provides organized and systematically stored data at any time.

  • Safe and secured data storage
  • Easy recording
  • Organized data logs

Conducting exams will be easy in this module as it enables schools to plan and schedule exams. It also helps in creating accurate and well-designed report cards. Through this schools can generate results and mark sheets more efficiently and in less time. Students and their parents can also access markets and results through this module. It also provides performance analysis reports that help in understanding students' potential areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Reliable results in no time
  • Digital mark sheets 
  • Easy to use
Lesson plans

This module helps in curating easy lesson plans with all the information about the syllabus and topics in one place. Teachers can strategize lesson plans based on class performance and can easily mark the progress. The modules teachers manage the syllabus for the best results.

  • Manage lesson plans
  • Manage syllabus
  • List topics
Human resource

Human resource management is made easy through our exceptional software which allows schools to manage every aspect of their teaching and non-teaching staff through this module. It stores information and details about the staff, records staff attendance, and assists in leave approvals, and other such management processes. It also helps in payroll management and stores payment transfer data to ensure accuracy in salary management. The software also helps online recruitment where the candidates can apply easily and the school can screen and select the right candidate.

  • Staff Directory
  • Easy access
  • Accurate salary management
  • Easy recruitment

Our school management software allows schools to make the most effective academic plans. The module enables staff effortlessly create timetables for classes and teachers, assign subject teachers and class teachers, categorize syllabi according to classes, and plan sectional activities. The software enables smooth and efficient workflow and helps in getting exceptional results. 

  • Efficient planning
  • Saves time
  • Analyze student teacher ratio

This module enables school management can stay connected with the staff, student, and their parents. The AI-powered software allows for generating and sending automated SMS and emails to teachers and parents. The school can easily manage and update information on the notice board through this module.

  • Send SMS
  • Send email
  • Notice board
Online classes

We help schools in transforming their education system through our software that provides the feature of online classes that allows more accessible and convenient learning. The student can join online classes, watch recorded lectures, and can 

  • Join live class
  • Class Schedule
  • Recorded lectures
Download Resources

This module allows users to download resources like study material, assignments, and syllabi. Teachers and management staff can upload the content with ease, making it accessible for all. The software helps in the dissemination of resources and students can find all the resources in one place.

  • Study material
  • Upload content
  • Assignment 
  • Syllabus

In addition to the standard features, our school management system facilitates the creation and uploading of certificates for a variety of activities.

 The software also facilitates the management of school bus fees and enables real-time GPS tracking of school buses. 

It has also simplified library management by storing the information of thousands of books, thereby reducing the amount of time spent recording and maintaining records. The library module provides access to books by simply typing their names, allowing students to easily obtain books. 

The school administration software also includes a photo gallery where the school can upload images of its school, activities, seminars, plays, and functions. Students, parents, and teachers can easily access the photos. 

The software also helps in keeping records of alumni, with their details organized system to ensure easy access.

  • School bus
  • library
  • Certificate
  • Gallery
  • Alumni

Our school management system is a well-design and technologically equipped software that helps schools manage all their tasks efficiently. It eliminates the hassle of paper pen recording and maintaining records by automated and digitized mechanisms integrated into the software. This cloud-based software securely allows bulk storage of data and enables users to get whatever information they require in no time. The multi-users software has a user-friendly interface and the customizable dashboard allows users to perform various activities and get information.

Modernize your school management process with the help of our advanced school management system.

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