Pre-School Management System

Streamline your management process with our advanced preschool management system.

Corewave's preschool management system helps you manage all your school activities effectively and enables you to establish a smooth workflow. This modern technology software streamlines your daily operations and allows for effective management of all system components. It automates the management of admissions, attendance, time off tracking, record keeping, communication, payroll, and inventory. Admin has full control of all the activities and they can easily manage user access. Designed to provide 360-degree control of all activities, our preschool management system enables smart and cost-effective management.

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Manage student records

Manage all the information about students, from their enrollment to their personal information, grades, and attendance, in an effective way. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with paper documents and makes it simple to access any data at any time. You can also view student check-ins and check-outs and obtain reports and analytics.

Manage staff

Efficiently record and manage staff information, such as their details, designation, and experience. You can also manage staff payrolls, leave, attendance, and work schedules with ease. You can get attendance trends and accept leave applications. The cloud-based system stores all data securely and enables effortless recording and rapid retrieval.

Online Admission

Track the admissions process, respond to queries, and accept and evaluate applications online. The preschool management system simplifies the admission process and makes it more transparent and efficient. It also allows for online payment of admission fees. Admission dates, the application process, and fees can be easily updated.

Efficient communication

You can notify parents about upcoming events, exams, PTM, holidays, and other information. The system automated the communication process, enabling you to send group messages by selecting student categories. You can also send individual messages to parents. This greatly boosts your communications and quickens information delivery.

Manage fees and payments

The school management system is integrated with a financial module to enable you to collect fees online and efficiently manage fee records. Apart from that, you can manage other costs and payments, enabling efficient financial management.

Manage inventory

Keep track of new purchases and have quick access to an organized inventory list containing every detail, including item, quantity, cost, and date. Our management system for preschools facilitates inventory planning and makes inventory management more efficient and cost-effective. You can generate inventory reports to obtain a clear picture and make sound decisions. Staff members can also add requirements for inventory.

Online classes

Transform learning by making it more inclusive and accessible with live classes. The preschool management system allows you to schedule live online classes. You can also provide recorded videos to students and share important class updates through a live notice board.

Set Utilities

The simple-to-use preschool management system makes it simple to organize utilities such as the calendar, ID card, and daily message. You can publish yearly and monthly calendars as well as create a list of holidays. You can manage student and staff ID card information by simply selecting a name or group. The module also lets you set a daily message that is visible to all users.

Meal management

Plan the week's meals and decide on the breakfast and lunch menu for the children. This module allows you to suggest to parents what breakfast and lunch items their children should bring to school.

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