Human Resource Management System

Our HRMS is advanced software that provides seamless human resource management and smooth workflow. It is a unified software that automates day-to-day management and simplifies the process. It ensures flawless work and leverages the human resources potential to establish a more efficient administrative system. 

Human resource management is one of the keys to the success of a business. Bad or inefficient HR management can lead to the failure of a business. Our HR management software is one way you can improve the efficiency of your HR management. 

From sales to finance, the HRMS is not only useful for the management team but also comes with integrated software that helps almost every department. The AI-powered software enables efficient and cost-effective management with high accuracy.

Unlock the power of cutting-edge HR management system

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Unlock the power of cutting-edge HR management system

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Manage everyday HR processes and track performance with a cloud-based modern HRMS. It offers comprehensive management solutions, easy interactions, and automated hiring and screening while saving time and managing expenses

AI backed working

The HRMS is a set of advanced solutions that enable the managing team to digitize processes.HRs leverage the power of AI-driven intelligent and insightful reports to effectively manage and develop their workforce.

Reduce HR management Cost

Our cloud-based HRMS can significantly bring down HR costs by reducing the dependence on IT and thus reducing the number of employees required to manage it.

Ensure timely project completion

Manage projects effectively with project management features to allocate tasks, project analytics, team management and get real-time project updates.

Features of our HR management software

This modern HRMS enables organizations to create a flexible and adaptable management process while offering easy communication and an improved employee experience.

Employee Management

Manage, develop and engage your team with a transparent and secure system. A good employee management system is crucial for any business with the help of our HRMS you can effectively manage and keep records throughout the employee lifecycle. The software contains employee databases and records and maintains their personal and professional information.

Leave Management

Manage leave, and get comprehensive details on the dashboard to comply with the leave policy. Our HRMS enables hassle-free leave and time off management with an advanced time-tracking system to check employee availability. It comes with an informative dashboard that provides reports and analytics and AI-backed support.

Attendance Management

Track attendance, schedule tactical shifts, and make multiple attendance modes possible. It assists managers in managing attendance, scheduling, and staffing needs by providing real-time information and tracking employees' in and out timing. The HRMS also notifies employees when their schedules and deployments change, or when there is a staffing shortage.

Payroll Management

Simplify loan approval and EMIs, integrate payroll, and set up pay groups. The HRMS makes payroll management more efficient by helping managers and employers see an accurate picture of their employees’ finances, including salary, advances, bonuses, and deductions. It is integrated with various financial tools that enable smooth financial workflow.

Recruitment Management

Manage flawless recruitment and hire the best people with the help of AI-based applications. Hiring and onboarding are made easy with our comprehensive HR management system that ensures the hiring of the best employees. The system tracks applications that come from various platforms and screens them based on predetermined criteria.

Off Boarding

Make sure that employees can leave without incident and that all formalities can be completed without difficulty. The HRMS ensures compliance with the policies when any employee leaves the organization.

Performance Management

Manage and evaluate employee performance with continuous 360-degree feedback, employee reviews, and real-time project tracking. The comprehensive HR management system helps with regular employee performance tracking to ensure a productive workforce. It provides insightful insights on employee productivity to understand how employees are performing in their respective domains. The HRMS also automates the process of providing and receiving performance feedback and reviews.

Expense Management

Easily keep track of business expenses and reimbursements, advances, reports, and other costs. The advanced system consists of accounting modules that help in monitoring and tracking expenses, resulting in effective cost management and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Employee Engagement

Get high employee engagement with tools to measure and analyze engagement. The intelligent HRMS helps in taking employee-centric decisions, thus ensuring productive employee engagement and well-being. Timely employee engagement gives a sense of importance to employees and they are more willing to take on their responsibilities, consequently increasing overall productivity.

Incentives & Recognition

Manage the allocation of rewards and recognition with efficient budget management and control. Managers can create strategies for a superior employee experience using our HRMS platform which includes a module for employee rewards and recognition

Development and upskilling

Increase productivity with cutting-edge training courses, evaluations, and reports. The HR management system is integrated with the learning management system to provide a customizable learning platform. Employees can access educational resources to grow and develop skills. The system can be integrated with any external courses or certificate courses with an AI-based mechanism to track employee achievements. The configurable system ensures employee development more efficiently and effectively.

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