Hospital Management System

Manage healthcare operations effectively with our advanced hospital management system. The customizable, AI-based software helps you manage every aspect of your hospital or clinic. It provides end-to-end management, from patients and billing to laboratories and OT, and enables hospital administration to have centralized control of all the activities.

Switch to automation with our state-of-the-art HMS and manage all the processes with efficiency. This modern technology software allows you to easily control daily hospital activities and provides insightful reports and analytics. The cloud-based system safely stores all the data so that you can access any information, in no time. It digitizes the processes, reducing the hassle of handling papers and enabling fast and effective services.


Improve your hospital management and provide better healthcare services with your cutting-edge hospital management software.

Maximize efficiency

Its automation feature speeds up processes and enables you to manage all the details and documents in one place. Proper and timely management activities lead to better service delivery and good patient experience.

Centralized control

The administrator can control all the actions from one place. The system can work under a single chain of command which enables centralized control over all the processes.

Comprehensive management

The intelligent software provides end-to-end service delivery that helps you manage all the functions with efficiency and accuracy. You can easily manage the medical, accounts, inventory, and processes and keep a check on every activity.

Flexible handling

The HMS can be operated from anywhere with the id and password. It enables you to manage the hospital functions and get data at any time without the barrier of location.

Secured data storage

The software stores a large database from where any data or document can be easily accessed. Every detail of the patient, their stocks, pharmacy, doctors, and other information are securely stored. It provides robust data storage and a backup facility

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Doctors module

This module contains details of the schedules, duties, and appointments of doctors. Doctors can easily check and monitor their activities to that they don't miss any appointments. 

  • Check appointments
  • Get schedule notifications
  • Apply for leave
  • Access records
Patient Management

It helps to manage patients from appointments to admission and discharge, you can efficiently manage every aspect of the patient lifecycle. Besides, it combines all the details on one platform and ensures proper bill closure.

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment
  • Queue Management
  •  Billing
  • Admission
  • Ward Management
  • Discharge
OT Management

Check OT availability and keep records of the operation schedule through the HMS. Automate the whole OT management process and ensure smooth operations.

  • OT schedule
  • Patient detail integration
  • Doctors module integration
  • Automated scheduling
Pathology management

Manage your orders, generate reports automatically, and enable smart notifications. Additionally, pathologists can get detailed reports and analytics through the HMS.

  • Patient details
  • Test details
  • Billing
  • Online booking
  • Sample Collection
  • Flexible management
  • Automated processing
  • Report generation
  • Dispatch details
  • Analytics
Pharmacy module

Our HMS assist pharmacies to manage their sales, distribution, and financial data. This software covers the entire pharmacy management lifecycle, from the point of sale to the back office.

  • Purchase Management
  • supplier management
  • Payment Managemen
  • Stock records
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Expiry details
  • Sales and Return Management
  • Easy communication through SMS/Emails
  • Sales Dashboard
Billing module

Integrated billing that ensures accurate and smooth workflow You can manage bills from various departments and for different treatments in a single place. Maintain details of separate bills and get alerts for bill dues.

  • Accurate billing
  • Revenue management
  • Quick bill closure and clearance
  • Access records
Blood bank module

Our intelligent HMS makes crucial processes like blood bank management more efficient. It ensures timely blood requirement delivery through quick record access and an integrated system that makes finding the right blood group easy.

  • Blood bank records
  • Integrated with other modules
  • Shows blood group availability
  • Alerts for low stock
  • Doner and receiver records
Payroll module

It is important to effectively manage the payrolls of the staff and doctors to ensure their satisfaction and maintain accounting accuracy. Our HMS automated the payroll management process and helps with flawless management.

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