Equipment Management System

Our sophisticated equipment management system allows you to monitor and manage all of your equipment. Equipment is an integral component of every organization, and it is crucial to effectively manage and plan your equipment to ensure a smooth and productive workflow. We offer a world-class equipment management system with features such as asset activity database management, automatic service scheduling, and equipment order, delivery, and stock management. With our EMS, you are able to monitor your equipment throughout all of your facilities. Effective management allows you to proactively schedule equipment usage and increases equipment lifespan.

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Track Equipment Details

The advanced QR code feature allows you to generate a QR code for each piece of equipment in order to manage its work order history. Our EMS simplifies your equipment management process and lets you keep track of all the equipment activities. The sophisticated software aids in the management, support, and tracking of your equipment's usage, repair, and maintenance.

Multi-department equipment visibility

EMS allows you to monitor equipment across all of your organization’s departments and facilities. You can remotely track and obtain information from across your organization. Effective management reduces equipment downtime and enables optimal equipment utilization.

Equipment service management

EMS facilitates the scheduling and monitoring of equipment service appointments for timely and routine maintenance. You can access all the details related to each equipment's last service, damages, and cost. It also allows you to appoint and track service engineers in order to ensure proper servicing and maintenance.

Digitize The Process

The EMS digitizes the equipment recording and maintenance process and enables real-time data access. The cloud-based system centralizes data storage, enabling instantaneous retrieval of any data from any location. It eliminates the hassle of managing paper records and provides instant access to equipment records.

Equipment Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage equipment stock, order, and delivery with our EMS. The system simplifies the inventory management process enabling you to get real-time updates about the inventory status, new orders, and delivery time. The automated system sends notifications about low inventory to help you order in advance.

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