E-Auctioneer is a group of professional consultants and auction managers who have been in the business for a long time. Mr. Vijay leads our team. These individual consultants have agreed to provide services to individuals and corporations in the fields of loss minimization, salvage and disposal, and final settlement. Fire, Marine, and Miscellaneous claims E-Auctioneer expanded to serve manufacturing customers in the disposal of idle and damaged assets using its Forward eAuction facility after establishing a respected brand and service in the insurance industry. Using this knowledge, the team expanded its service portfolio to include Reverse eAuctions, which assists various industries in the quick and cost-effective procurement and supply of diverse goods and services. The E-Auctioneer team is made up of people from various backgrounds who share a common understanding of how creating a larger marketplace for the trade of salvage and scrap, as well as a professional, standardized, and fair process for trading salvage and idle assets, benefits industry and the economy. E-Auctioneer is a leading light in professional salvage and scrap disposal. E-Auctions Auctioneer's and online listings have assisted the insurance and manufacturing industries in maximizing recovery and minimizing loss from salvage, as evidenced by the excellent results achieved—E-Auctioneer now handles multi-million dollar auctions each year.

E-Auctioneer came as a solution to the complex auction market that was hard for people to understand. It made auctions simple and easy and assisted people in comprehending the process. There was no player in the market yet that could make people aware of the auction process and solve their doubts. E-Auctioneer came as a panacea for people to understand and step into the auction market. We focused on developing a well-designed, user-friendly interface with a query resolution feature where people could easily get solutions to their questions. We also added a live consultation feature, where an executive will be assigned to provide explanations for queries.

We delivered

We develop Incredible websites to help you reach the top of your field

First -of -its kind website that enables you to reach more people and address their concerns in real-time  

With striking graphics and a great design, this is an easy-to-use, high-quality website

This brings life to a great idea of providing online consultation and simplifying the auction process.
Working Process

Our Working Process
How We Work For Our Customers


We do a comprehensive customer data analysis to develop the concept of the website. Our team focuses on user interface planning and conducts competitor analysis


Our team works on user experience mapping and web design finalization


We dedicate our efforts to developing a good website using advanced techniques and methodologies.


Launching the bug-free, high-quality website We are also there to provide post-go-live support and maintenance.

Key features:

  • High-quality website
  • Impressive visuals
  • Information and updates about shows
  • Buy Merchandise 
  • Exclusive music release subscription
  • Find music and new release
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Integrated payments gateway

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