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  • 27-07-2023

Apple has always created a revolutionary experience for its users. It has always been focused to provide the best user experience, from hardware to software. iOS app development is a process of creating applications for Apple hardware, including iPhones, iPad, iMacs, etc. The software is written in a different specific language, Swift programming, and Objective-C, which is then to be deployed for the users to download from the app store.

Compared to any Android app development company, a particular iOS app development company is more expensive or say they need specific requirement while creating an application.


Basic needs to develop any iOS Application

Before starting to create an application for iOS or writing the code, you need to fulfill the basic requirements of the process. These requirements include:

●       An Apple Mac Computer with the latest version of macOS.

●       Xcode, a free IDE for macOS has to be downloaded from Mac App Store.

●       An active Apple developer account that charges around Rs.8000 or USD 99.


These three are not the only things you require. It is important that you are active members of the Apple Developers Program because that is what allows you to post or publish your application to the Apple App Store. On;y Xcode signed and published applications are eligible for App Store submission. But Xcode offers a lot more than publishing. It also contains almost everything that you need for iOS app development.


Selecting a programming language

For developing an iOS application, there are two programming languages as for now that are used:

●       Objective-c: The primary language that is used to Create iOS/Apple products for the past years. As the name suggests, it is an object-oriented programming language and is derived from the C language. It is centered on passing the messages to different processes. Many developers till now chosen to work with Objective-C rather than evolving to the Swift framework.

●       Swift: A new programming that has become the official language for iOS since 2014. Like the previous programming language for Apple, Objective -C, Swift has come out to be more effective. Swift is designed in a way that is more secure, fast, and easy to learn if you are starting to program. Swift is focused to provide simpler syntax and more security compared to Objective-C.


Key Principles of iOS app development

Every developer should be aware of the key principles of iOS app development. Here in this section of the article, we will discuss the basic principles that will help you understand iOS app development better:

  1. Experienced Developers are Focused

Any app developer who is experienced is of great help to you. It is important to choose someone experienced as they will focus to create an application that is aligned to your needs. Any app developer who is experienced will be of great help, they will be there to advise you and guide you through your app development process. These types of developers generally rely on their experience and not on online videos or books. They start with organized and related data that is easier for them and beneficial for the client in the initial stages. The video content and the blogs that are online are used by them when they have successfully cleared the initial stages and now want a better picture for smartphone programming.

  1. The Incredible User Interface

The UI of an application is really important because it is what is going to present your product. UI works as a marketing tool, which provides form and functionality. UI is like a magnet and glue that is going to make your audience attract and stick to your application for longer. Any mobile app development company will definitely focus on creating good UI that is interactive and guiding for the audience which makes them feel good. The content, design, and functionality are three key aspects of any web or mobile application.

  1. Design Patterns

Design is one of the most important aspects of software development. The patterns of any design can be structural, creational, or behavioral. These are designed in a way to give solutions to everyday coding complications. This enables developers to write codes easily and edit them efficiently.

  1. Test More than once

In the pre-launch phase of app development, user feedback is one of the most important parts. For any iOS app development company, it is important for the developers to run various tests, and reexamine the application while keeping the feedback in mind. It is very important to have someone who is going to be around to run checkups, read user reviews, and make sure of the alterations that are needed to be done rather done opting for developers who will become unavailable after the app is developed. This is where a trusted mobile app development company is a good choice.

  1. App Security

When it comes to iOS or Apple products, security has always been a top priority for developers. Secure data storage or trusted network communication, and authentication mechanisms are some features that protect the user data and prevent any unauthorized access.

  1. Performance

Efficient speed, memory management, and resource usage are some factors that should be looked upon. A smooth and seamless experience is what makes iOS a choice for users.


These are some of the basic principles that make and create a seamless experience for the iOS user database. The Aesthetics of iOS has always been great to look at. These basic principles serve as a foundation for all iOS app developers to meet user expectations and match Apple’s guidelines.

No application created can be perfect without any bugs. Every application needs to evolve with time, with respect to the feedback that comes from the users, and upgrade and update the application accordingly. 



Publishing Your Application

Once you are done focusing on these saic principles, you must be aware of the publishing requirement to be done. Once your app is developed and ready to be published on the app store, you need to go through a lengthy process. A process of rejection- revision-resubmission-rejection until the final approval.

Once you have gone through and passed the approval stage, youre ready to build the app store page using App Store Connect and finally push your application tp the app store. If you are to sell your application, you must enroll in the developer program and understand all the charges that you will have to pay.

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